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Thread: Disable New User Registrations

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    Default Disable New User Registrations

    Does your blog gets a lot of spam registrations? To turn off registrations using PhpMyAdmin.

    *Note: Do not edit your database if you don't know what your are doing. Just ask your Server Admin to handle it.

    1. Open PhpMyAdmin, and navigate to your Blog Database (from left side).
    2. Now Select & browse “wp_options“.
    3. In “wp_options” select and Edit “users_can_register“. (click the pencil)

    4. In the option_value field you will see “1“, change it to “0” then click Go to save.

    That’s It. Now You can check it by going to:

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    Thank you, I found your post through twitter. Spammers are very annoying.

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